We, Jon and Kristen, – your resident non-movie critics – will be sharing our thoughts on movies.  We started watching movies together as a “date-night in” once our three tiny people began limiting our ability to have date-nights out.  That morphed into the awe-inspiring goal of watching every single film ever nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture – all 530 and some odd of them.  We’re writing this blog to help us keep track of the movies we’ve watched and what we like about them, briefly.  You can find a summary list of all the movies on our list, as well as links to the posts we’ve written about them under the Welcome dropdown.  Questions?  Feel free to contact us.

Would we recommend every movie we’ve seen? No.  Part of the fun of this goal is that we watch a lot of movies that we wouldn’t otherwise watch. Will we reference everything you should be aware of in watching a movie? No.  Are they all family friendly? No.  Please do your own due diligence before pushing play.

As writers we couldn’t be more different in style – Kristen view words as brush strokes, and likes using a lot of them to slather together an image that you can almost touch, feel, and smell – brevity is not her strong suit. Jon is a story-teller by nature, and thinks that is best accomplished using the most succinct verbiage possible.    We hope that the contrast of our two styles will give a little bit of variety to our commentaries.  What does that look like?  We’ll figure out as we go.

In our non-writing time, we are also known as mom and dad to three impish and adorable children, who do everything possible to provide lots of intermissions to our movie-watching evenings.